Liberating design

By Simon Barrow
November 20, 2007

Ekklesia's "high-traffic website, turned into a Drupal wondersite" is one of the featured sites on Eleutheria this month.

We, in turn, are great advocates of the work of designer and site management whizz Joe Baker: He produces very good work at prices which industry experts would tell you are not really possible. Otherwise we'd have been stuck. And it was a big, fiddly job.

While on this topic, I should add that we realise that some of our "archive content" has postscript errors in it (code instead of certain bits of punctuation, etc). Without paying for a manual transfer of 9,000 pages, this is inevitable. We are trying to tidy it up bit-by-bit. Of course, volunteers to do something mind-numbingly boring would be very welcome (they say, lifting their eyes to heaven)...

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