We invite everyone to come to this our inaugural carol service. We will celebrate the work that Housing Justice has done through the year in campaigning and offering practical help to homeless and badly housed people. We will also use the occasion to remember those who are homeless at Christmas time – the homeless families trapped in temporary accommodation whilst they wait for rehousing, those in overcrowded housing and rough sleepers on the streets

Venue: St John’s Church, Waterloo, London

The service will feature the choir of St Angela’s Ursuline School, contributions from Streetwise Opera as well as the more traditional lessons and carols. Music will also be provided by the band Second Opinion.

The service is open to all and will be followed by refreshments in the church.

About Housing Justice:
Housing Justice is the national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing.
Housing Justice was formed in April 2003 by the merger of two long-standing housing charities, the Catholic Housing Aid Society (CHAS) and the Churches National Housing Coalition (CNHC). In January 2006 Housing Justice merged with UNLEASH (Church Action on Homelessness in London).

Housing Justice brings together more than 60 years experience of working for change in the field of housing.

Housing Justice provides frontline services to people in housing need and campaigns to improve housing policy.

In total Housing Justice is actively involved in more than 35 communities across England and Wales.

The Housing Justice CHAS network of 11 housing advice centres –in Bradford, Bristol, Croydon, Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Kingston upon Thames, Leeds, Central London, Middlesbrough and Oswestry - provide practical support to people with housing and related problems.

Housing Justice UNLEASH works to support church-based housing and homelessness projects in London. It is responsible for coordinating the Soup Run Forum amongst other activities.

Housing Justice Regenerate, funded by the government's Community Empowerment Division, supports resident-led regeneration in 15 Guide Neighbourhoods across the UK. Regenerate brings together residents who have transformed their estates with those who want to embark on the regeneration process to share learning and offer support.

Housing Justice works with, and for, homeless and badly housed people of all faiths, and with those who have no religious beliefs. All our services are offered to the whole community and, wherever possible, we work in partnership with others who share our values, regardless of religious beliefs.

Further information on Housing Justice is available at www.housingjustice.org.uk