Recently published books by well-known secularists claim that religion is poisonous. Some varieties of secularism say that religion need not, and should not, play any role in the life of our society. Yet it is a fact that as long as there are human beings there are religious and secular viewpoints. On the ground, it is clear that secular and religious people often work together, bringing about positive change and assistance to those in need.

This event is not intended to focus on those militant expressions of religion which are at odds with secularism, but to consider how religious belief can inspire positive values and practices. The conference will also seek a clearer appreciation of the values and benefits of secularism, that neutrality of state which guarantees fair play for all. The conference takes as its premise the idea that secular society is the necessary starting point for achieving social harmony and well-being in a multi-faith context. This conference seeks to understand how and under which circumstances these two world views, religious and secular, can work in tandem.

The 60th anniversary Cumberland Lodge conference.