Over the top on Facebook

By Simon Barrow
January 30, 2008

As social networking sites continue to blossom and change in spite of media scepticism, Ekklesia is pleased to report its latest milestone.

We have now passed the 400 members mark: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2525066399 Nothing huge or fancy, compared with the many mega-groups on Facebook, but achieved without really trying ... and, well, we're only a boring old think-tank, so it's good to know that people want to stay in touch and support us.

If you haven't clicked-on yourself, please do so - and drop a note to friends who may be interested. The page is kept up-to-date with pieces of news and links. There is also a discussion area, which we are happy for people to use.

Ekklesia moved to Facebook when our MySpace page (the first one for a think-tank) was cyber-squatted, and we realised that the apps and utilities on FB were more useful to our purpose. We are still thinking about more creative ways of using this corner of the web, and would welcome comments or suggestions.

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