This practical training programme will help participants develop understanding of and skills in the spirituality and practice of nonviolence and generate conversations with each other about creating a culture of peace and nonviolence.

Three morning sessions will explore:
the nature of violence and nonviolence in our lives and in the workplace;
the faithful nonviolence of Jesus;
the power of non co-operation, examining the case study of Ghandi;
practicing nonviolence – inwards and outwards;
nonviolence and social transformation;
nonviolent social change in action, examining the case of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.

With Pat Gaffney (Pax Christi) and Helen Gilbert (St Ethelburga’s).

Cost - £45 - please contact or telephone : 020 7496 1610 for more information. The organisers stress that costs should not prevent people from participating – please contact them to discuss

This is not an Ekklesia event but we give full support to its aims