Solving a problem like Sharia?

By Simon Barrow
February 16, 2008

Though the headlines have receded, the blogopshere is still buzzing with the fall out of the Rowan Williams / Sharia 'debate'. More thoughtful material is now emerging.

As well as contributing to the conversation on Ekklesia, OpenDemocracy / Our Kingdom and the Guradian's Comment-is-free, I am also monitoring developments on by own blog, FaithInSociety (, which I update more regularly than this one. Further relevant links can be found there.

[The Ekklesia blog is more a supplement to our range of research, comment and news activities, often in a slightly lighter or tangential vein. But we are thinking about how to develop it productively in the future. At the moment I seem the main contributor (to put it politely). That will change, I hope. It is about time constraints on the co-directors and a couple of technical issues on the website that need tackling. Oh, for more hours in the day... Or a saner world.]

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