The very word ‘theology’ is a turn-off for many activists. Too often, theology seems abstract and disconnected from the reality of day to day community work. Often a gap emerges between the activists and the reflectors to the detriment of both sides. But we believe that for social activists good theology can be like the roots of a healthy tree –it can resource, nourish and sustain effective community mission.

This interactive and fun day will offer an alternative to an academic approach. It will help you reconnect your work to your deepest convictions and gain vision for how to integrate a down to earth theology into your front line work.

The day will include:

§ Unpacking key theological ideas that underpin community mission
§ Maintaining the Christianity in our Christian community projects
§ Inspiration for seeing success through Jesus’ eyes rather than our funders?
§ Practical ideas to help you and your team think theologically in your community work

Our facilitator:

Mark Perrott has worked in the inner city for 18 years. He spent six years working for the Earls Court Project with those caught up in homelessness and life-controlling issues. He is now Chief Executive of the Catalyst Trust and pioneered Urban Mission Toolkit, a year-long practical course for Christians who want to learn to put their faith into action in the midst of urban poverty. He has helped many people gain fresh vision and excitement for urban mission.
£10/person to be paid on the day (includes lunch)

Salvation Army Territorial HQ, 101 Newington Causeway, Elephant and Castle, SE1 6BN

To book:

Contact Jill Clark on 020 7452 2018 or