Taking its inspiration and content both from Dave Andrews’ most recent book Compassionate Community Work and the work of Livability (formerly the Shaftesbury Society) and Tearfund with churches in the UK, this event will include a mix of teaching, reflective activities, sharing, personal time, optional workshops and fun. Choose your level of participation according to your need at the time.

What you can expect:

· Characteristics of Christ-like community work

· The chance to share and learn from your stories and hear from others

· Practical, down-to-earth theology (including the trinity as a model of community development)

· Skills-based workshops led by practitioners

· Reflective activities and personal time to think and pray

· Fun evening activities

A brief bio…

Dave Andrews is a Christian community worker, currently based in Australia and with many experience in India's slum communities. He has authored many books on community development, notably 'Not Religion but Love', 'Christi-anarachy' and recently 'Compassionate Community Work'. He started several community ministries that work with disadvantaged people both in Australia and India. If you want to learn about community development from someone that both knows the theory but more importantly has a life modeled on it then Dave is that person.

What others have said about Dave:

“Dave is an extraordinary individual. He is arguably the most outstanding community development worker, both theoretically and technically, to have graduated from this department.”

-Tony Kelly, Senior Lecturer in Community Work at the Department of Social Work and Social Policy

“There is one thing you need to know about Dave Andrews. He is dangerous. For example, after Indira Gandhi was shot, two or three thousand people were killed in twenty-four hours in the riots that followed. Mobs rampaged through streets looking for Sikhs to murder. Dave convinced Tony, a friend, that it was their job to go out and save these Sikhs. Finding a besieged house, they put themselves between an armed mob and a Sikh family and saved them from certain death. That's why Dave Andrews is dangerous. He is ordinary, yet believes ordinary people should take extraordinary risks to confront the cruelty in our world."

-David Engwicht, Author of Eco-City

What people said about our 2007 residential event:

“I loved the realism, honesty, practicality and meditation of the sessions.”

“The little touches are what make all the difference: the welcome at reception by the team, the chocolate bars (always a winner with me)- within minutes of arriving I felt nurtured.”

Venue: Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6QX

Single room: £175/person including all meals and en-suite room
Discount: £145/person if paid by 15 June

Shared room: £125/person including all meals and en-suite room
Discount: £95/person if paid by 15 June

Why is the cost higher than our past residential events?
We hope this is because they’re getting better each year! But realistically, over the last year Hothorpe Hall has been renovated and all rooms are now en-suite and we will have sole use of the building. The cost is £125 for a shared en-suite room and £175 for a single en-suite room but if you pay by the 15 June then we are giving a special discount of £30. This includes a £50 non-refundable deposit so if you have to cancel before the 1 September we will refund your fee minus the £50 deposit. If you cancel after the 1 September we will need to charge you the full fee.

Want to get his book?

If you would like to read Compassionate Community Work, you can buy it from Amazon for £15 or directly from the publisher Piquant Editions for £12

Please note: this event will be very popular and spaces are limited due to offering single rooms so please book ahead in order not to be disappointed

To book contact Jill Clark on 0207 452 2018 or email jclark@livability.org.uk