International Justice Mission

By Simon Barrow
June 22, 2008

There are still 27 million people in the world living under conditions that can only be described as slavery. IJM aims to do something about that.

A Christian organisation that cooperates with people of other convictins. its UK operation is headed up by Baptist minister Terry Tennens, a friend and former colleague of mine. We will be faeturing more on their work in the future. More details here:

In summary, the International Justice Mission (IJM) is a human rights organisation that investigates violations of national law and provides legal services to victims. IJM has ten overseas operations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and this year will open four additional offices. Cases are usually referred by faith-based local partners and invariably involve violations of the poor and powerless that have not been addressed by local authorities.

In Zambia and Kenya, for example, IJM lawyers and investigators take up cases of rape and defilement, land-grabbing, and police abuse. IJM’s South Asia offices investigate forced labour slavery/debt bondage and have achieved official release certificates and restitution for over 800 victims plus their families. Child sexual exploitation, including rape, prostitution, trafficking, and pornography comprises much of IJM’s work in Guatemala, Peru, and Cambodia.

International Justice Mission UK was established to educate, empower and engage British people in the pursuit of justice for the oppressed.

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