Comment on 'Bad Faith' faith schools report

By Press Office
June 30, 2008

Responding to today's report 'Bad Faith' by Cristina Odone for the Centre for Policy Studies, Jonathan Bartley, director of the religious thinktank Ekklesia said:

"The report suggests that critics of faith schools are primarily die-hard secularists. Nothing could be further from the truth. The report fails to address of even mention the many concerns expressed by Christians, teaching unions, and those of disability groups who are continually pointing out that many faith schools are ill-equipped to take children with special needs, and have failed to embrace an ethos of inclusion.

"By focusing on the few hard-liners who are ideologically opposed to faith schools, the report makes few, if any constructive suggestions for change, and simply serves to further polarise the debate around faith schools.

"What the report does make clear however is that, according to its own findings, few local authorities seem to be approaching faith schools to place Looked After Children. And of the ones that do, more than one in twenty children are being refused a place by faith schools. These findings alone challenge the claim by many faith schools that they are inclusive."

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