A big small big world

By Simon Barrow
September 1, 2008

The rich and powerful now have their own social networking site. It's called Eye of a Needle? Nope, it's called ASW. And you're not invited.

ASW stands for 'A Small World' (http://www.asmallworld.net/) - and the site's maxim is that "we want to keep it that way." Apparently, whispering "I'm ASW" has been known to get people into celebrity parties and other events reserved for the gliterati. (Let us know if it works for you). But now there is concern among some members that just too many are joining, and that the hoi polloi like you and me know it exists... which must be a real dampener.

However, founder Erik Wachtmeister reckons that ASW can afford to grow to a million and still retain its elite status. "The world is a big place," he says in defence of A Small World's policy. No irony intended.

No further update was available on that camel trying to get through the eye of a needle as we went to press...

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