The world today is facing crisis from all sides. With bleak news of economic recession, peak oil, devastation to communities through climate change, continuing military intervention in foreign nations, and an ever-growing gap between rich and poor, many are turning to those in power to seek genuine social change. But where does the Kingdom of God fit into all this, and what do these injustices mean for those who follow the Christ, who Himself came as our suffering servant?

In a global community ravaged by the injustices of war, greed, capitalism, and political power, could it be that the Christian is called to become a very peculiar kind of peacemaker? Join us for this year's conference on Christianity and Anarchism, The World Turned Upside Down, where we will explore this question and what it means for us.

Visit for more information and to get plugged into an exciting and challenging weekend of workshops, discussion, and fellowship.

Contact with the following information: Your full name, city/town of residence, whether you would like church floor accommodation or prefer to make your own arrangements, and any food allergies. There is no fixed cost to attend the conference, although a suggested donation of £15 (or whatever is considered personally affordable) may be asked for.