Why do some Christian organisations lose their edge?

Does receiving secular funding always dilute spiritual purposes?

Are there churches that have kept the flame burning?

This interactive and fun day will help you reconnect your work to your deepest convictions and learn to integrate a down-to-earth theology into your front line work.

The day will include:

-Practical ideas to help you and your team think theologically about your community work
-Examples of projects that have not lost an active Christian faith
-Seeing success through Jesus eyes rather than funders monitoring forms

The chance to be stimulated by new ideas and learn from your peers

Our facilitators:

The Community Mission Team work with churches and Christian projects wrestling with these issues. They bring experience and reflection sharpened by engagement with urban churches and lively team debates. The team provide practical, helpful training that will improve your community work.

£10 per person to be paid on the day (this includes lunch)

To Book: Contact David Arscott on 0113 350 8070 (office) or 07789 397273 (mobile) darscott@livability.org.uk

St Matthias Church,
St Matthias Street,