Response to Lord Carey on immigration


Commenting on former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey's comments about immigration, printed in the Times today (Wednesday 10 September 2008) Ekklesia associate and URC minister Vaughan Jones, who has worked with displaced people for many years, said: "The relationship between migration and social, cultural and economic development is extremely complex."

"Crude, populist and simplistic comments like those of the former Archbishop add nothing new or helpful to the debate. The migrant is not a stranger to the church to be accepted or rejected at our convenience. We are brothers and sisters within a transnational and interdependent global community which transcends the Archbishop's narrow and outdated nationalism.

"Ironically, it could be noted that the exclusion of church workers from the list of skilled professions required in this country (balanced migration!) will make it harder for the church to function as the international community that it is."

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