Growing up in poverty hurts

1 in 3 children live in poverty in the UK today.
We can see the damage that poverty does to our society and are demanding a better future for all our children.
The Government have made the promise of a generation – to End Child Poverty. Let’s hold them to it.

Join thousands at Keep the Promise in London on Saturday October 4th - the UK’s biggest ever event to end child poverty.

11.30am onwards Assemble on Millbank, near Lambeth Bridge

12.30pm March through Westminster to Trafalgar Square

2.00pm Family fun and speakers in Trafalgar Square

2.30 pm Mass Moment

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Why are we holding the Keep the Promise rally now?
If the Government is to meet its targets to halve child poverty levels by 2010 and eradicate it by 2020, it will need to have programmes in place, and adequately funded in the budget, by spring 2009. So this is a crucial time for the eradication of child poverty.

With the financial situation as it is, we must put significant and sustained public pressure on the Government to ensure failure to keep the promise is not a political option, so we are holding the Keep the Promise: End Child Poverty rally to engage more people than ever before and be the largest ever event to end child poverty in the UK.

This will be a unique opportunity to create a strong and visible signal to the Government, all main political parties and wider public, of the significant support the eradication of child poverty has.

Who we are?
The Campaign to End Child Poverty (ECP) is a coalition of over 130 organisations – including charities, trade unions and faith groups - leading a campaign to eradicate child poverty in the UK.

The Campaign to End Child Poverty has three aims, to inform public debate about the effect and cause of child poverty; to forge commitments across the public, private and voluntary sectors to end child poverty and to promote the case for ending child poverty to Government, future governments and civil servants.