Frameworks for assessing the financial crisis

By Jonathan Bartley
October 1, 2008

I have just been thinking about a model proposed by Simon Walker from The Leadership Commuinity for assessing what's going on in the financial markets and wider economy.

It's based around the idea that every social system establishes a prevailing orthodoxy, or Dominant Norm, which orientates and determines how power flows through that system; how finance flows, what people value and aspire to etc. Although not overtly theological in approach, it reminds me a lot of Walter Wink's approach of identifying the 'powers' in the system.

You can read it here: I have been correspondiong with Simon, and there are some more articles to come which wil unpack the model a little more. I am looking forward to seeing how the model develops - particularly in the more 'radical' sections of his model.

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