Dr David Feldman explores the notion of citizenship in its different aspects, so that our popular notions of citizenship might be placed in dialogue with more theoretical treatements of the concept, and so that we can gain an increased awareness of the history of our attitudes towards cultural difference.

Dr Feldman is based in Birkbeck’s School of History, Classics and Archaeology. Over the years his research has dealt with the social, cultural and political history of nineteenth century Britain. In particular, he has worked on the history of Jews in Britain – the subject of his book Englishmen and Jews: Social Relations and Political Culture, 1840–1914 (Yale University Press, 1994). And he is currently completing a book on the changing entitlements to welfare of migrants and immigrants in Britain from the last decades of the sixteenth century down to the present day.

Venue: Clore Management Centre, B01, Birkbeck College

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