Under the influence of civic religion, concerns such as peacemaking have usually been considered ‘optional extras’ for Christians - matters best sidelined into a special arena labelled ‘ethics’, where pacifists clash and those who think violence is necessary continue to disagree. Simon Barrow, an ecumenical Anglican who considers himself a ‘Mennonite fellow traveller’, invites us to explore a very different approach - looking at how our core Christian convictions about the nature of God, rooted in the difficult peace of Christ, might radically reshape these questions.

Taking with full seriousness the modern challenges of scepticism and pluralism, this seminar asks what it means to live with “the threat of resurrection” (Julia Esquivel). Can radical discipleship, committed faith and critical questioning be brought together? What would the church’s mission look like if a refusal to kill was seen as a core Christian identity marker established by baptism?

This day will coincide with the launch of Simon’s new book Threatened with Resurrection.
Don’t miss it.

Venue: the London Mennonite Centre
Fee: £20 (£10 unwaged)
Fee includes VAT and meal
Booking essential: http://www.menno.org.uk/CC310

Recommended reading: Fear or Freedom? Why a Warring Church Must Change by Simon Barrow; Threatened with Resurrection: The Difficult Peace of Christ by Simon Barrow

Simon Barrow is co-director of the Christian think-tank Ekklesia. Formerly global mission secretary for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, he is a writer, commentator and freelance theologian. He has recently edited the book Fear or Freedom? Why a Warring Church Must Change