Being offended on the buses

By Press Office
January 16, 2009

Responding to news that a Christian bus driver has refused to drive a bus carrying an advert saying 'There's probably no God' on it, Simon Barrow of the religion and society think-tank Ekklesia commented:

"The reality is that we now live in a mixed-belief society, and Christians and others are going to need to get used to this. Being offended that other people think differently to you achieves nothing. We need to learn to talk and listen to one another better.

"The larger issue in all this is the way that beliefs, religious and otherwise, are increasingly being 'commodified' in a consumer culture - sold like products. But what convinces people of the value of a way of life or belief is its fruit in good lives, not an endless endless cycle of propaganda and anti-propaganda.

"Given the suffering, conflict and injustice in the world, one would hope that people of faith and people of general good will would want to find common purpose through investing in humanitarian causes rather spending vast amounts of money sloganeering."

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