Cash for connections?

By Simon Barrow
February 2, 2009

Well, not quite. But we are giving away a free book to the one thousandth member of our Facebook group.

Who knows, it might be you? There will be a choice of four titles. However, I'd like to stress that this is a pure act of grace, rather than any attempt (a la the House of Lords) to influence the progress of something significant for the future of public life through the proffering of inducements. Allegedly.

What has prompted this is that a few weeks ago we added a 'Facebook button' to the Ekklesia website, having failed to do so for months... and we found that we'd more-or-less doubled our social networking cache overnight. Which is nice.

It's a good way to connect with people. And we get to see people's faces, too. Or in some cases cats, dogs and weird looking bits of artwork. Not that I'm complaining...

The page is here (, if you want to calculate when the best time to join would be (somewhere around 999, I guess - though if everyone hangs on, we'll never get there. Which is why you can tell it's grace not mortgage at work!)

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