Giving Crediton where it's due

By Simon Barrow
February 14, 2009

Parents and staff - including a local Religious Education teacher - are rallying around a school they say has been wrongly accused of telling children 'not to talk about God'.

The background news story, 'School defends stance on girl who told classmate she would "go to hell",' can be found here:

In response, Cindy Greenow from Crediton wrote on the 'This is Exeter' website yesterday: "I am a teacher and also RE coordinator of the school where I teach, which is part of the Crediton learning community. I also have a child at Landscore.

"I and other parents are all of the opinion that Landscore is a school which encourages respect and understanding of all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs.

"My child is being taught respect and religious tolerance; what more could a parent ask? I hope that a combination of the quality of teaching at Landscore, the ethos of the school and our influence as parents in terms of what goes on outside that environment, encourages my child to be free thinking, tolerant and above all respectful to others, until she feels able to choose her own spiritual path, whether that means following an organised religion, becoming an atheist or agnostic.

"I find it very worrying that a school can be criticised for allowing a teacher to do their job. A child frightened and upset another, they were both spoken to in an effort to resolve the situation and it is my understanding that at no point were either of them told 'not to talk about God'

"This situation... seems to have been blown out all proportion. Any 'story' which involves religion or education seems to be newsworthy, when in fact the situation was being dealt with appropriately by the school.

"I and the many parents I have spoken to would like to offer our support to all of the staff at Landscore and are united in the sincere hope that this 'storm in a teacup' will blow over soon, without too many casualties."

This is Exeter:

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