As you may have noticed, the Ekklesia blog has been fairly light over the past year or so. The directors use it to post 'bits and pieces', including comments on material passing our in-trays and responses to remarks about Ekklesia out there on the ether.

However, some consideration is being given to turning it into a 'news blog' - that is, recruiting some regular bloggers who will write about media on religion and society, preferably from different corners of the globe. Some cross-posting would be fine too.

What would be helpful would be (a) volunteers, and (b) ideas about how this would work.

The 'group newsblog' format would be fine. I think 'Liberal Conspiracy' ( would be the kind of format to aim for.

We need people who can write well, and with insight. (If you are saying to yourself, "I'm not sure about me" - that's a *good* sign!) We have to remember that the context for this is a think-tank, so we want material that will be of interest to researchers, policy makers, journos, "religious professionals" etc., as well as the general public surfing on in.

My recent posts (on progressive conservatism, Christians and Jews, Religion in the USA, integrated schooling etc.) are the kind of thing I had in mind. But that's my style, and of course shorter snippets would be fine, too. This is just intended to give an idea.

Where would this fit in with what we do? Well...

* News briefs - our regular running news service
* Comments - comments for the media from Ekklesia staff and associates
* Press Releases - headline interventions / reports from Ekklesia

and (drumroll)...

* Newsblog - ongoing commentary from Ekklesia partners

I think that makes sense. Any comments or offers?

Simon x

I would happily be part of

I would happily be part of this if you're still thinking of it. Have there been any other takers?


By the way I wonder if others were confused as I was by being originally directed to the /discussion page before the /login page (Jonathan fixed this for me a couple of days ago).

Are many registered? If not this might be the reason or they are then's just me(!).