It would be helpful to have some input from partners over potential opinion poll questions.

We were approached recently by a polling company asking us if there were any questions we were interested in polling on in the near future. This is not something we have done so far as we have not had the money to do it. (A poll question costs in the region of £600-£800).

What was interesting about this particular company was that they could poll Christians specifically, as well as the broader population.

Does anyone have ideas they would like to offer about potential areas of interest/ questions we could comission an opinion poll on? (either of Christians or the wider population).

There might be an something

There might be an something interesting we could do a poll on in relation to the remembrance project, though I can't currently think what it would be...will apply my mind to it, but just wanted to flag it up in case anyone else has any good ideas.

Remembrance Project

Thought it might be helpful to say for those who don't know Kate is working on a report for November (Remembrance Sunday) which looks at the way we remember (war specifically) the values that underlie it, and how we should 'reimagine remembrance'.