Sir (soon to be Lord) Alan Sugar’s appointment as Gordon Brown’s new Enterprise Tsar by this week appears to be a most un-progressive and frankly populist hiring. Bringing Sugar’s unforgiving higher-and-fire style of capitalism into the centre of politics comes at a most insensitive time to most British workers who are suffering massive redundancies across the private sector. Furthermore his public views towards pregnant women in employment are completely outdated and, I am informed by a couple of friends of mine whom have been candidates on his show, that he is overtly racist and sexist in the office; hardly a model for parading as an enterprise guru. He is environmentally an atrocious example flying everywhere on his private jet and riding around in a fleet of gas-guzzling Rolls Royce’s when we need businesses to deliver low carbon footprints and resource sustainable systems and processes. Moreover, whilst he embodies the proverbial rags-to-riches story one has to ask just how successful has he really been? Amstrad ended up a massive failure (who has an Amstrad anything anymore?), so too Tottenham football club whilst he ran it. In fact his most successful years of business were during a Tory government! Finally his show 'The Apprentice' manipulates a bunch of arrogant wanna-be's into spiritually murdering each other on a weekly basis for public excitement.
In my opinion he is hardly a great example to the young entrepreneurs whom he has been deployed to reach out to. Popularist manoeuvre or not, it seems that he is one of the few big business men left who support the Prime Minister and his celebrity status (the Sugar brand) must have its appeal. I seriously question though the PM's judgement on the hiring of Sir Alan to a role as Enterprise Tsar; he seems to embody too much of what is wrong in business today.