Chalke: 'faith is the viagra of the people'

By Jonathan Bartley
June 11, 2009

Another classic from Steve Chalke, founder of Faithworks, which may not go down well with some of his more conservative colleagues. But what makes it great is that he said it at the House of Commons on Monday 8 June.

I got an invitation, and now wish I'd gone. It was the Faithworks awards ceremony where 17 Christian community projects were acknowledged for their work tackling social challenges around the UK.

Treasury Minister Stephen Timms MP, giving the keynote, said: "Faith isn’t just a great starting point for community activism, it’s a great starting point for politics as well."

Alun Michael MP added that the "chain from faith to values, from values to social action and from social action to politics has been absolutely essential to the health of British Society over many years."

...and Steve Chalke summed it up: "Karl Marx said religion is the opium of the people. If that’s true then faith is the viagra of the people – it brings people like you alive."

I'm just not clear about the next bit. He went onto say: "It’s your faith that pushes you to get out of bed everyday...". Surely extending the analogy it's the other around?

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