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Research papers in the category Peace and War.

  • 03 Feb 2013

    Recently (January 2013) the We Can End Hunger IF campaign, backed by 100 NGOs and development agencies, was launched in preparation for issues coming up at the forthcoming G8 summit. Here Ekklesia co-director Simon Barrow offers a positively critical evaluation of the initiative, including PDFs of the IF report and executive summary and an overview of its sixteen core demands, together with additional commentary and resources on hunger, land, tax, and global development.

  • 17 Jan 2013

    This detailed briefing on the Employment and Support Allowance (Amendment) Regulations 2012, reference 2012 No. 3096, has been produced by a professional disabled community made up of campaigners, academics and freelancers, listed in full below. It is being published on their behalf by Ekklesia and disability campaigner and project leader Sue Marsh. It demonstrates that:

    1. While these regulations are presented as minor clarifications, they in fact represent fundamental changes in how capability for work is to be assessed.
    2. There are positive changes to allow more cases to be placed in the Support Group without full assessment. However, these are overshadowed by changes that will clearly reduce entitlement overall.
    3. The problems fall into two areas, likely to lead to claimants’ capability being overestimated:
    a. The assumptions that can be made by an assessor.
    b. What symptoms can be considered in which parts of the assessment.

  • 12 Jan 2013

    Ekklesia welcomes the stated intent of the Scottish Government and the Land Reform Review Group to develop “innovative and radical proposals” on land reform to benefit the widest possible range of people and the environment in Scotland. This is our brief submission to the LRRG, setting out in summary (a) the need to address historic and present inequity in the distribution and use of land; (b) our understanding of what constitutes meaningful land reform; and (c) specific reforms that we support in this area.

  • 15 Dec 2012

    The threshold of the second anniversary of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) uprisings that started in Tunisia on 17 December 2010 provides an opportune time to assess the many challenges being negotiated across this vast region, with particular attention to recent developments. This paper by Dr Harry Hagopian is divided into two parts. First, there is an overview focusing specifically on developments in Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq and Syria. Second, there are some critical perspectives on the overall situation of the region, looking at history and boundaries; the use and misuse of power; security and risk; the time needed for change; the issue of inclusion and fundamental rights; the dual role of the media; and the responsibility of the world comity.

  • 15 Nov 2012

    Nearly three-quarters of the British public (73%) agree that ‘state funded schools, including state funded faith schools, should not be allowed to select or discriminate against prospective pupils on religious grounds in their admissions policy’, according to a professional opinion poll conducted by the ComRes organisation on behalf of the Accord Coalition for inclusive education - of which Ekklesia is a founding member.