Daily news briefing

Daily news briefing

Constant Contact 2008 All Star “I’ve picked up Ekklesia’s news briefings all over the world, most recently in Egypt, Cuba, Jamaica and Jordan. Keep up the great work!”
- David Coffey, OBE, President of the Baptist World Alliance

Ekklesia runs an award-winning daily news briefing service for journalists, decision makers and others in public life. The service is also taken by thousands of churches. It is free and currently delivered by email every morning to 9,000 people at 10.00am.

Because much of Ekklesia's news is drawn from primary sources, many of our stories appear in the daily bulletin before they reach the newspapers and other news outlets.

The bulletin has a global focus, and contains a round up of items from the daily press, radio and television as well as a summary of what is on that days news agenda in the UK Parliament.

The daily news bulletin covers a range of issues focusing in particular on peace-making, social justice, climate change, international development and theological themes. It includes news items both from the UK and abroad.

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