Category - Barack Obama

  • January 20, 2009

    Speaking in his inaugural address as 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama declared today that “the world has changed and we must change with it”.

  • January 20, 2009

    Incoming US President Barack Obama's message to the world will be "together we can", says the law professor who taught him at Harvard as the formal inauguration gets underway in Washington DC.

  • January 20, 2009

    Poverty, violence and war are among the challenges representatives of member churches of the World Council of Churches in the USA have pointed out to President Barack Obama on the occasion of his inauguration.

  • January 20, 2009

    As we have tragically seen in Gaza, the thinking of the past has not brought peace to the Middle East or the USA, says Gene Stoltzfus. Something new is needed. The Obama era needs to be built on hopeful prayer and action for justice.

  • January 8, 2009

    Supporters the separation of Church and State in the United States have filed a lawsuit seeking an end of the use of the term "so help me God" during President-elect Barack Obama's 20 January inauguration.

  • November 27, 2008

    Leaders of 24 US churches gathering in Washington DC next week will deliver a message to President-elect Barack Obama, outlining hopes for the new administration in working for peace with justice.

  • November 14, 2008

    President-elect Obama is being deluged with well-meaning advice, says Middle East expert Michael Marten. Maybe we expect too much, but taking a realistic look at how he might handle various conflicts in the region remains important.

  • November 13, 2008

    Celebrities, theologians and activists, including Bono, Brian McLaren and Shane Claiborne have written to President-elect Obama challenging him on a range of issues to address in his presidency.

  • November 10, 2008

    For black people, the expectations, responsibilities and possibilities symbolised by Barack Obama is is almost more than the heart can bear, says Alive Walker. The president elect should cherish personal happiness and find new political ways of handling enemies, she suggests.

  • November 7, 2008

    Black Christian leaders in Britain have hailed the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States as a defining moment in the history of most powerful nation in the world and a great symbol for black people globally.