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  • October 10, 2014

    Politicians rarely make sense in the aftermath of a by-election. Neither Clacton nor Heywood and Middleton (9 October 2014) were exceptions. David Cameron claims that a vote for Ukip will put Ed Miliband in Downing Street. Nigel Farage suggests that voting Labour benefits the Tories.

  • August 9, 2007

    Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has announced that he is to send every MP in the country some summer reflection material: The 100-Minute Bible and a guide to slowing down written by the Anglican Bishop of Reading.

  • March 9, 2007

    Faith communities and the state: how the government is getting it wrong.

    14 March 2007, Committee Room 4, House of Commons

  • January 31, 2007

    In a move that has been welcomed by campaigners, including many Christians, an influential group of British MPs has called on the British government to consider using economic pressure against Israel over its treatment of the Palestinian people.