Category - IMF

  • 24 Aug 2013

    UK campaigners have slammed a US court decision which they say allows Argentina to be ‘held to ransom’ by vulture funds.

  • 4 Jul 2013

    The International Monetary Fund has agreed in principle to lend $5.3 billion to Pakistan over three years.

  • 9 May 2013

    The UK is experiencing a slower economic recovery than 23 of the 33 advanced economies monitored by theIMF, according to new analysis published by the TUC.

  • 22 May 2012

    Startling new research has found that debt burdens in impoverished countries have increased significantly since the debt cancellation of the 2000s.

  • 4 Nov 2011

    In the midst of another global debt crisis, the most powerful countries are still failing to regulate irresponsible lenders, says Jubilee Debt Campaign.

  • 27 Sep 2011

    Campaigners have warned that the rumoured 50 per cent write-down in Greece’s debt not enough to get out of debt and austerity trap.

  • 22 May 2011

    Civil society groups are calling for an open and fair process to elect the new head of the International Monetary Fund following Strauss-Kahn's resignation.

  • 4 Apr 2011

    On 6 April 2011 the International Monetary Fund is meeting in Washington DC to discuss for the first time how to spend a $3 billion windfall from selling gold and lending more money since the financial crisis.

  • 8 Jan 2011

    If South Sudan secedes, the new country should not start life with a debt burden, says the Jubilee Debt Campaign

  • 8 Jan 2011

    As I have observed in previous articles arising from my 2011 Ghana trip, economic and political life here is comparatively stable and prosperous, and there has been substantial growth over the past decade - but how benefits are assessed very much depends on perspective. Structurally, and in terms of levelling income and power distribution, things look much less rosy, for sure.