Category - Christianity and politics

  • 6 May 2015

    Recently, the Church Times newspaper in England reported that its study had found that, among the two largest parties currently, 38 per cent of Christians would likely vote Conservative, and 33 per cent Labour. When the results were divided denominationally, strong preferences were found. 48 per cent of Anglicans would vote Conservative (and 16 per cent for UKIP), while Catholics favoured Labour to Conservative, by 42 per cent to 31 per cent.

  • 24 May 2011

    PM David Cameron's comments about Christianity and politics this week have led to strong criticism about the impact of his policies on the most vulnerable.

  • 28 Jan 2011

    The extraordinary arc of Barack Obama’s popular appeal tells a deeper story of America: of how the relationship between liberalism and religion was forged, then frayed and broken, and how the president’s rhetoric offered the mirage of healing. Theo Hobson asks what, if anything, can be recovered from the ashes of a once-potent compact.

  • 4 Apr 2010

    Andy Flannagan, director of the Christian Socialist Movement, has written a good blog on Labour List about why ‘Jesus might vote Labour’.

  • 4 Jun 2009

    Churches could have a vital role to play in rejuvenating democracy, says Jonathan Bartley. But it needs to be through a faith-engagement with politics based on openness and change.

  • 4 Mar 2008
  • 15 May 2007

    The Pope has attacked Marxism as well as unfettered capitalism on his visit to Brazil. But the ghost of Marx has positive as well as negative connotations for Christians and social justice campaigners concerned with inequity.