Category - history

  • April 7, 2010

    From Pope Pius IX to Benedict XVI, the Vatican now has online 142 years of documents, including unofficial texts relating to the period during the Second World War.

  • December 18, 2008

    The constitutional upheavals of the 17th century gave rise to the view of individual liberty to which we have basically subscribed ever since; that our liberty consists in our not being unnecessarily

  • April 18, 2008

    A new painting of St George by Scott Norwood Witts, which depicts the saint as a man of compassion rather than a crusader, is to be unveiled at the Catholic Cathedral of St George, Southwark, to mark the saint’s day next week.

  • November 29, 2007

    Torture, including torture by Americans, has a long history, says Martin E. Marty: Who could have predicted that this would be a live topic here in the twenty-first century? Only by learning the past do we change the future.

  • November 29, 2007

    A small Leeds church designed in 1932 and described as a "gem" when it was built has been "rediscovered" and given a Grade II listing on the advice of English Heritage - which has also produced a new publication reflecting on the way churches and faith have helped shape the city historically.

  • October 27, 2006

    The democratic system of government present in Athens, Greece, intermittently in the 500 years before the death of Christ, has been hailed by many as the forerunner to modern democracy. In order to commune and make decisions, the city-state of Athens met in the "Ekklesia", or people's assembly, to which any citizen over the age of 20 had a right to attend, speak, and vote.