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  • 29 Mar 2014

    Earth Hour ( is 8.30pm tonight. Switch off to switch on. Ekklesia is one of the organisations backing this global initiative. But there is more…

  • 28 Mar 2014

    With just one day to go until Earth Hour, a record 158 countries and territories across some 7,000 cities and towns will be participating.

  • 23 Mar 2013

    Earth Hour claims to be the single, largest, symbolic mass participation event in the world.

  • 28 Mar 2009

    Millions of people worldwide have been switching off lights for an hour at 8.30pm local time today, in what is described as the biggest climate change protest ever attempted.

  • 16 Mar 2009

    From 8.30 to 9.30 pm on Saturday 28 March 2009, around a billion people will switch off their lights in an effort to convince the world’s leaders to get serious about climate change.

  • 11 Mar 2009

    A Catholic cathedral is taking a lead in the campaign against climate change, and encouraging others to follow suit, by turning off its lights to mark Earth Hour.

  • 24 Feb 2009

    Could you live without electricity for an hour? On 31st March 2007 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney proved that this is possible when they turned off their lights in a city-wide demonstration against climate change. This unusual event generated so much interest that just a year later the WWF initiative went international.