Category - Bribery Bill

  • May 26, 2011

    There are whispers in Whitehall that a decision on the future of the Serious Fraud Office is imminent. The Home Office is considering rolling the Serious Fraud Office’s lawyers into the Crown Prosecution Service, while its investigators would be hived off into a new FBI-esque crime agency. And all this against the advice of most experts in the field.

  • April 2, 2011

    In 2002 I was detained by police at Kochi airport in Kerala. It seemed I had failed to get a vital stamp on my passport. Having missed my flight back to the UK to attend my auntie’s wedding, I was told I had to, the next day, report to the police station, which I duly did.

  • February 7, 2011

    Major aid agencies are challenging the coalition government over its failure to implement the landmark Bribery Act for the second time.

  • April 12, 2010

    It feels like we're living in interesting times. Since Obama swept to power last year, it's as though the UK might be getting the message that enfranchisement is a precious right worth acting on. I'm not saying that Brown, Cameron or Clegg carry with them the hope and light of the 'Yes we can' roadshow, but perhaps the apathy of the past UK general elections will be thrown aside in favour of active participation.

  • April 10, 2010

    Campaigners say that new legislation passed by Parliament in the final days of business before the General Election campaign, sends an 'unequivocal message'.

  • December 15, 2009

    A range of British and international NGOs have urged politicians not to water down the Bribery Bill which was presented to the House of Lords last week. They insist that bribery is a “threat to development and democracy”.