• 19 Apr 2009

    The domineering and partisan politics of the US religious right was a serious Christian mistake, says Jim Wallis. To be faithful to the Gospel, Christians need to engage publicly and politically from the vulnerable space that Jesus made his own.

  • 13 Apr 2009
  • 29 Mar 2009

    The bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover in Germany has issued a strong plea to give the upcoming jubilee of the Reformation a clear emphasis on common Christian witness.

  • 1 Mar 2009

    Genuine faith – in God, in the good, in people and in the future of our planet – grows through freedom, depends upon freedom to keep it honest, and can contribute to the shared openness and strived-for equality that is an essential part of our free flourishing, argues Simon Barrow.

  • 26 Feb 2009

    Rather than resorting to fearful rhetoric about 'marginalisation' or 'persecution', Christians and people of faith in Britain have a real opportunity to contribute to the public good and to defend the civic freedoms upon which we all rely

  • 24 Feb 2009

    A new BBC backed poll suggests a majority of people in Britain believe religion should be respected and valued in public life - but other research also says they oppose domineering religion.

  • 4 Feb 2009

    My experience of being a Christian is that of a surprising, continual and contested process of reformation and rediscovery, says Simon Barrow. It's far removed from the caricature of faith that many zealous believers and non-believers seem attached to.

  • 22 Jan 2009

    Ambitions for church unity are unrealistic and are being replaced in practice by local action, national church leaders have said. The heads of the churches responded to questions put to them by the Church Times and the Baptist Times

  • 17 Jan 2009

    While institutional religion is in decline in Britain, the diversification of belief and the massive global impact of faith means it is an appropriate subject for thoughtful TV programming, says an insider.

  • 3 Nov 2008

    The UK government's Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, has suggested that church buildings not viable for small congregations could be turned into gyms, restaurants and multi-faith centres for local communities.