simon barrow

  • November 12, 2008

    Under the influence of civic religion, concerns such as peacemaking have usually been considered ‘optional extras’ for Christians - matters best sidelined into a special arena labelled ‘ethics

  • June 27, 2008

    But new research from the religion and society think-tank Ekklesia suggests that those who want to keep the church defined by very narrow parameters are straying from well established Christian tradition.

  • June 23, 2008

    Anglican wrangling about sexuality and authority in the church is missing the big picture about how the relationship between religion and society is changing, says a new book from the think tank Ekklesia to be published next week.

  • March 6, 2008

    Ekklesia co-director Simon Barrow has at last re-built his much-neglected home page, providing links to all his publishing and related activities.

  • October 17, 2007

    Ekklesia is a think tank that promotes fresh forms of thought - without relying on tanks. In an interview with SCM, Simon Barrow explains what the deal is with post-Christendom and how to respond to the fuss about religion.

  • March 13, 2007
  • March 10, 2007

    Scottish MP Jim Devine will now vote against the government and a pro-nuclear bishop is questioned on his views

  • March 9, 2007

    Faith communities and the state: how the government is getting it wrong.

    14 March 2007, Committee Room 4, House of Commons

  • March 7, 2007

    Goodness, not another weblog?

  • February 11, 2007

    Students from across the UK will gather together this coming weekend at the Student Christian Movement's annual conference to explore the theme of Reading the Bible - against a backdrop where there is increasing public concern aout the way religious texts are often abused by extreme and fundamentalist movements.