Catholic bishops

  • October 29, 2007

    Catholic bishops in the Philippines have renewed their attacks on corruption following reports that staff of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who now faces a new impeachment bid, have bribed congress representatives, governors and mayors.

  • September 25, 2007

    Recognising the needs of priests from overseas and those ministering to increasingly migrant-based congregations, the Catholic Church in England and Wales has introduced a new course specifically for them at the northern seminary of Ushaw in Durham.

  • June 24, 2007

    Irish Catholic Bishops have joined worldwide human rights oranisations in calling on the President of Zimbabwe - who was educated as a Catholic - to change direction and respect the will of the people for change.

  • June 4, 2007

    Presidents of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of the world’s leading industrial countries have written to the Group of 8 leaders to urge them to take “bold action on global poverty” ahead of the G8 summit in Germany this week.

  • May 11, 2007

    Following up their critique of Robert Mugabe's regime in an outspoken pastoral letter, Zimbabwe's Catholic bishops are calling for a cricket boycott of the country. But the president is hitting back.

  • April 23, 2007

    Furious at government policy on gay adoptions and other issues, Scotland's Catholic bishops have sent a letter round to churches with a thinly-veiled call for a anti-Labour vote in the the forthcoming elections.