• 3 Jun 2011

    The breadth and quality of education universities once offered is now being seriously eroded by underfunding, says Dr Andrew W. Hass from the University of Stirling. But funding is not where the deeper crisis lies, he suggests. Cutbacks are just the symptom of a greater underlying problem. The real problem is an identity crisis. What is 'the university' for?

  • 22 May 2011

    A report from a government-funded body has warned of the dangers of the coalition's policy of encouraging ‘for-profit’ providers in the higher education sector.

  • 13 May 2011

    Earlier this week, the universities minister David Willetts rushed to deny suggestions that the government would allow elite universities to sell off super-expensive extra places to wealthy students. But the furore led to another proposal receiving very little attention - the suggestion that private companies and charities should be allowed to fund their own university places.

  • 10 May 2011

    The Student Christian Movement is appalled by suggestions that elite universities should be allowed to sell off super-expensive places to wealthy students.

  • 13 Apr 2011

    A union's calculations suggest the poorest students will see their debts rise the most due to the coalition government’s new student support system.

  • 6 Apr 2011

    Following a speech by Business Secretary Vince Cable, the University and College Union has said that ministers are "in disarray" about higher education funding.

  • 2 Jan 2011

    Students in Canterbury have urged Archbishop Rowan Williams to back their peaceful protest as university authorities seek to break up a nonviolent sit-in.

  • 22 Dec 2010

    Pupils from fee-paying schools are 55 times more likely to gain a place at Oxford or Cambridge than those who qualified for free school meals.

  • 15 Dec 2010

    Trebling student tuition fees will normalise debt for the young and contradicts Christian teaching, says the Anglican Bishop of Lincoln.

  • 13 Dec 2010

    Faced with Parliament's vote in favour of the tuition fee hike, it is vital that those of us who are campaigning against it avoid the twin temptations of giving up or resorting to violence. The Guardian today (13 December) published a letter from Ekklesia and the Student Christian Movement suggesting that active nonviolence is the best way forward.