christian aid

  • 16 Jun 2008

    Land degradation intensifies agricultural economic losses, disorganizes local and regional food markets, and causes social and political instability. To combat it there is an increasing push towards sustainable agriculture - the ability of a farm to produce food indefinitely, without causing irreversible damage to ecosystem health. And now there are lots of creative ways you can help support this work from giving a can of worms to a Bolivian farmer through to helping create a farming conservation plot in Zimbabwe.

  • 14 Jun 2008

    UK-based International development agency Christian Aid has accused the government of ‘eviscerating’ the Climate Change Bill by failing to include within it a number of measures crucial to the fight against global warming.

  • 3 Jun 2008

    As the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation meets to discuss the food crisis in Rome today, debt campaigners have issued a call for a moratorium on debt repayments from afflicted countries.

  • 28 May 2008

    Ten years on from a terrible act of violence in conflict-torn Colombia, the UK-based international development agency Christian Aid is supporting the victims' families in their quest for justice.

  • 18 May 2008

    The UK-based international developement agency Christian Aid is responding to the huge magnitude earthquake that hit China’s Sichuan province on 12 May through the work of the Amity Foundation, a recognised NGO.

  • 12 May 2008

    The lives of 1,000 young children a day are being lost to disease and poverty in poor countries because of illegal trade-related tax evasion, says a new report from Christian Aid. It has calculated that this evasion costs the developing world at least US$160bn annually.

  • 7 May 2008

    UK-based international development agency Christian Aid has launched an appeal to help those left without shelter, food or water in Burma after Cyclone Nargis hit the country four days ago.

  • 6 May 2008

    Global church development agencies, including the UK-based Christian Aid, are calling on the international community and the Burmese government to use all available means to help those affected by cyclone Nargis.

  • 20 Apr 2008

    Leading international development agency Christian Aid has teamed up with Rockhill Music to launch a national competition to find new gospel talent to feature on an album that will be launching publicly in November 2008.

  • 15 Mar 2008

    Alex James, farmer, writer, broadcaster and former Blur band member, is joining forces with international development agency Christian Aid to help highlight the plight of farmers on the frontline of climate change in developing countries.