• November 17, 2014

    Experiences of young people facing unaffordable housing costs, insecure tenure and exploitation by private landlords was a topic at the TUC’s Big Youth Debate.

  • October 21, 2014

    Research from Shelter reveals than one in 10 renting families have suffered health problems in the past year because their landlords have failed to deal with bad living conditions.

  • July 22, 2014

    Housing Justice is the national voice for Christian action on housing and homelessness. On Thursday evening (24 July 2014) they are holding a guided walk and social event in Bermondsey, to which all are invited.

  • June 12, 2014

    New figures from the helpline of the housing and homelessness charity Shelter show a massive rise in calls from renters at risk of losing their homes.

  • April 2, 2014

    The Children's Society has made a strong response to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee report on housing support in the reformed welfare system.

  • February 5, 2014

    UK housing minister Kris Hopkins has tried to dismiss a critical report by UN special rapporteur Raquel Rolnik as a "misleading Marxist diatribe". But it is clear that the government is failing to meet important human rights obligations, at a heavy human cost.

  • February 4, 2014

    Churches' homelessness organisation Housing Justice is calling for Churches to speak out about the need for more housing.

  • January 27, 2014

    The latest Scottish Government statistics show a 12 percent reduction in the number of homelessness assessments between July and September 2013, compared to the same period in 2012.

  • November 7, 2013

    UK ministers and their allies are fond of talking about the need to reduce the welfare bill. They give the impression that the welfare bill goes to feckless scroungers, but almost never mention any statistics about who is actually claiming the money.

  • October 28, 2013

    This is a time to be both politically and practically subversive in the face of a growing political consensus that is hurting the most vulnerable, says Jonathan Bartley. All of the main parties in the UK, including Labour, support the cut in housing benefit. Labour has said that it would not reverse it - or, indeed, most of the other welfare reforms - should it gain power at the next election. In the face of such a negative consensus, new social housing could become a central weapon in the Churches' fight to protect the poorest.