david cameron

  • 14 Mar 2014

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron is threatening to seize computers and cars from people supposedly guilty of benefit fraud, according to media reports. This could reduce their chances of getting work and access to everyday activities, harming families and communities.

  • 23 Feb 2014

    Twenty-seven Anglican bishops, a Cardinal, an assortment of non-conformists and Quakers may have a ring of Edward Lear, but this coalition represents a growing momentum of faith-based anger and condemnation of the government's 'reform' of social security (http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/20200)

  • 21 Feb 2014

    Social security sanctions, in which people not in paid work have benefit payments cut or removed for up to three years, have reached record levels. 27 Anglican bishops and other church leaders have condemned UK government benefit cuts and failures which mean that many go hungry.

  • 19 Feb 2014

    Four major Churches have criticised the PM for not understanding his Government’s own figures nor the reality of destitution.

  • 17 Nov 2013

    Consider for a moment David Cameron’s life up to the age of 25.

  • 12 Nov 2013

    The UK government’s cuts to spending on public services are for ideological reasons, not just because of the deficit. In a speech at the lord mayor’s banquet in the Guildhall, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to build “a leaner, more efficient state. We need to do more with less. Not just now, but permanently.”

  • 11 Sep 2013

    “The English the English the English are best, I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest”. It seems that the spirit of Flanders and Swann's 'Song of Patriotic Prejudice' took possession of David Cameron during the G20 meeting in St Petersburg last week. It is a pity he was not capable of sharing its tongue-in-cheek take on national braggadocio.

  • 1 Sep 2013

    The decision of the UK parliament to refuse approval for a military strike on Syria has influenced President Obama to put his own plans before Congress.

  • 29 Aug 2013

    David Cameron made a toned-down appeal for "action" against Syria in the House of Commons today, as many MPs expressed scepticism and then voted against his proposals.

  • 28 Aug 2013

    Westminster's only Green MP has warned that an attack on Syria could have severe consequences for civilians, and for the Middle East region.