power 2010

  • 14 Jan 2010

    Deliberative assemblies should play a significant part in renewing democracy, says Stuart Weir, and most especially in agreeing a written constitution for the UK. They are at the core of the work of Power 2010, guided by James Fishkin.

  • 11 Jan 2010

    Different possibilities for electoral reform will come under the parliamentary spotlight today, with Lord Alton's debate on the wider impact of party list systems taking place in the House of Lords on Monday 11 January 2010.

  • 10 Jan 2010

    Ahead of his short debate on voting systems in the House of Lords on Monday 11th January 2009, independent peer Lord Alton warns that electoral reform based on cynical and belated attempts to sustain the hegemony of politicians will not suffice. Change has to be deep rooted to be sustainable. He also compares the STV and AV voting systems.

  • 8 Jan 2010

    200 people from across the UK will meet in London this weekend to debate ideas for cleaning up politics submitted by thousands of people as part of the Power2010 campaign of which Ekklesia is a part.

  • 13 Dec 2009

    Will the government introduce a piece of legislation within the life of this parliament that requires a public referendum on the introduction of an Alternative Vote electoral system for Westminster after the next election? Simon Barrow explores the current political terrain.

  • 30 Nov 2009

    Power 2010, the UK coalition that aims to "change politics for good" is encouraging people to join thousands of others in coming up with ideas to "fix the system".

  • 24 Nov 2009

    Politicians must not be allowed to duck the challenge of systemic change, say campaigners responding to the publication of the House of Commons Reform Committee Report entitled 'Rebuilding the House'.

  • 17 Nov 2009

    Unlock Democracy, the leading civil and political rights pressure group, says it agrees with a call for Wednesday's Queen's speech to give way to a package of democratic reforms.

  • 15 Nov 2009

    After reports that police are investigating alleged voting fraud in the Glasgow North East by-election, a leading democracy group has called for reform of the system.

  • 8 Nov 2009

    These days it isn’t just anxious looking MPs and peers, lobbyists, civil servants, journalists and security officials you’ll find wandering near Westminster, says Simon Barrow. Among other unexpected visitors have been Batman, a troupe of clowns, Basil Brush and his foxy friends, a group of zombies and a super-sized duck home