the wave

  • 5 Dec 2009

    It is vital that the needs of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged are at the centre of the debate about climate change, the Archbishop of Westminster said at the ecumenical service before The Wave in London today

  • 5 Dec 2009

    More than 20 senior church leaders have gathered for a church service with more than 3,000 other Christians to support the London Wave, urging an ambitious, fair and effective deal at the Copenhagen Summit on climate change.

  • 3 Dec 2009

    Church leaders will join mass protests in London and Glasgow this weekend, which aim to put pressure on governments on climate change at the impending UN talks in Copenhagen.

  • 23 Nov 2009

    Campaigners were yesterday so annoyed with world leaders' lack of action on climate change, they went blue in the face.