• December 24, 2007

    Christmas and Chanukah, says Rabbi Michael Lerner, share a spiritual message - that it is possible to bring light and hope in a world of darkness, oppression and despair.

  • December 18, 2007

    As international calls for justice for Bethlehem mount again at Christmastide, Australian church leaders returned from a visit to their region have added their voices to those supporting the beleagured city of Jesus' birth.

  • November 23, 2007

    The Independent Asylum Commission is holding its final public hearing in London on 29 November 2007. It is collecting evidence for an impartial citizens’ enquiry into the UK asylum system, which many regard as unjust and failing.

  • November 21, 2007

    Leading Israeli peace activist, Jeff Halper, from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, arrives in the UK on 22 November, with Palestinian Salim Shawamreh, who has had his house demolished four times by Israeli bulldozers.

  • November 13, 2007

    The UK and other rich nations must pay billions of pounds to help poorer countries tackle global warming if millions of people around the world are not to be consigned to endless poverty, Christian Aid says in a new report.

  • November 6, 2007

    Ahead of a US Senate vote on the 2007 farm bill, churches across America have delivered local messages calling for access to locally grown food, guarantees farmers' access to conservation programmes, and respect for the environment.

  • October 27, 2007

    British Christians concerned with the environment will be invited to put their commitments where their convictions are next weekend, at a conference to be held at Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre.

  • October 21, 2007

    This week (21-28 October 2007) is One World Week - an opportunity for people from a variety of faith backgrounds and none to highlight justice and peace issues arising from the local and the global, as we encounter it on a daily basis.

  • October 20, 2007

    The Ecumenical Church of Sudan will open a landmark art exhibition in the Malakal region of southern Sudan on 28 October 2007, aimed at promoting peace in an area devastated by 21 years of civil war. It is being backed by Christian Aid.

  • October 20, 2007

    German Catholics and Mennonites gathered in September for a conference on the “Healing of memories”. Representative of the two Christian traditions are meeting again in Rome right now, and the agenda is once again peace and reconciliation.