• October 29, 2010

    An Indonesian Christian aid group has sent a team to the Mentawai islands in West Sumatra, responding to the recent earthquake and tsunami.

  • October 24, 2010

    The Indonesian government has admitted that the men seen torturing two Papuans in a video released on the internet this week are soldiers.

  • October 19, 2010

    Attempts by the arms giant BAE Systems to recruit graduates to their business were met by a series of protests at a major careers fair in central London.

  • October 13, 2010

    UK trade unionists are protesting outside the Nespresso Café in London's Knightsbridge today, as part of a global campaign targetting the company.

  • July 12, 2010

    I’m always complaining about food bills. My family will testify how annoyed I get when they then waste the purchased food. “Do you know that people in England and Wales throw away 3.6 million tonnes of food each year?” I ask my three teenage boys, “and that 60 per cent of it is untouched, with salad, fruit and bread being the most commonly wasted?” I fail to engender outrage. But then we’re better off than most. At the weekend the charity, ‘Contact a Family’, warned that families in UK with disabled children are going without basics such as food after being left in financial "dire straits”.

  • May 13, 2010

    Life is becoming dangerous for Christians in Indonesia because of outside extremists, the head of a grouping of churches in the Muslim-majority nation has warned.

  • February 27, 2010

    The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) has urged the Obama administration not to offer increased US military assistance to Indonesia, given the dire human rights situation there.

  • December 26, 2009

    Countries across the Indian Ocean have marked the fifth anniversary of the Asian tsunami which killed almost 250,000 people, rendered many more homeless, and left properties and businesses devastated.

  • October 6, 2009

    The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) is today launching radio and TV appeals for public funds to help those affected by the earthquakes and typhoons that struck last week.

  • October 4, 2009

    Having launched an Indonesian and Philippines Emergency Appeal on Thursday 1 October, the development agency Christian Aid has already set aside £100,000 for partners with whom it works in Indonesia.