military action

  • September 10, 2013

    The war in Syria is illegal. If a criminal had poisoned someone, our concern would be how to protect the public from future poisonings and how to arrest the criminal and bring him (or her) before a court of law. And civil society needs to be directly involved in the talks. Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance at the LSE, says that the military action versus diplomacy standoff represents a tired form of geopolitics that misses the humanitarian dimension enshrined in international law.

  • September 10, 2013

    The Vatican nuncio to the United Nations has said that a military strike on Syria is unjustified and will create a "humanitarian disaster".

  • September 10, 2013

    Forty American faith leaders have signed a letter to all members of Congress opposing US-led military action against Syria.

  • September 4, 2013

    The World Council of Churches' General Secretary, says “we must do everything possible to starve the fire of war rather than feeding it” in Syria.

  • August 30, 2013

    The UK parliament has prudently rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s call to join in military action in Syria which would almost certainly have been unlawful. While tough measures are needed, vigilante ‘justice’ contrary to international law could have catastrophic consequences. A US attack is still likely.