Catholic Churches throughout the world celebrate Peace Sunday on 17th January. The celebration occurs yearly on the third Sunday of January to reflect on the Pope’s message for World Peace Day. Resources for parishes, young people and schools have been provided in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland by Pax Christi.

Pax Christi is part of the international Catholic movement for peace which, on this occasion, also collects offerings and donations from the parishes to support its year-round work for peace and against military spending and nuclear weapons.

Peace Sunday in 2021 is focusing on Pope Francis’ Message for the 54th World Peace Day, released on New Year’s Day, on the theme “A culture of care as a path to peace”. In this statement, the Pope called on government leaders and those of international organisations, business leaders, scientists, communicators and educators, to take up peace principles as a “compass” to achieve “a more humane future”, particularly in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlighting the connection between social injustice and violent conflict, the message urges everyone to become “a prophetic witness of the culture of care” to overcome social inequalities, which can be done only “through a widespread and meaningful involvement on the part of women, in the family and in every social, political and institutional sphere”.

Resources available include Pope Francis’ World Peace day Message, a liturgy booklet, a flyer with ideas for parishes, schools, individuals, families, groups and a script for a short talk about the Peace Sunday theme, are available on Pax Christi’s website:

* Sources: Pax Christi, the Vatican.