THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES (WCC) has shared its hopes for peace with an open letter and prayer as the first summit between the US and Russian presidents takes place in Geneva today.

From our headquarters in the same city in which you will meet, and from so many other cities, towns and villages around the world in which our member churches carry out their ministries, we will be watching and praying for signs of hope from your encounter”,  wrote the WCC acting General Secretary, the Rev Prof Dr Ioan Sauca in the letter.

“Still struggling to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, the world faces even greater challenges ahead in addressing the wider social and economic impacts of the pandemic, and in confronting the existential threat posed by accelerating climate change to the intricate web of life on our planet.”

Sauca also noted the persistent and once again growing spectre of catastrophic nuclear conflict, particularly in the context of declining cooperation in arms control and increasing geo-political tensions.

As leaders of your two nations, with their particular histories and current roles in world affairs, you have a special responsibility for reducing tensions and achieving a stable and predictable relationship, so as to improve rather than diminish the prospects of effective global cooperation in addressing the multiple complex crises the world faces today”, reads the letter. We pray that the God of life and peace will inspire and guide you in this essential task, for the good of your own peoples, for our interdependent human community, and for Gods precious and unique creation.”

The WCC also shared a prayer for presidents Biden and Putin, as well as for all the leaders in all nations of the world. May you guide them in the ways of peace and justice”, reads the prayer. Grant wisdom to all in authority so that as they govern, we will be delivered from the sin which results in war and violence.”

The prayer urges the good of all humanity and the betterment of the worlds environment. As these two world leaders meet at this time, may you place around them counsellors and advisors, whose passions lie beyond the interests of the Russia and the United States of America. May this meeting and others like it, bring to an end the evil being meted out to each other in varied ways.”

* Read the open letter here and the prayer here.

* Source: World Council of Churches