Peter Tatchell and Sally Hitchiner in conversation with Simon Barrow Fossil Free Future Banner on Climate Change March November 29th 2015 Don't Bomb Syria Rally Whitehall November 2015 Ekklesia Associate Savitri Hensman, author of Sexuality, struggle & saintliness:same sex love and the church Ekklesia COO Virginia Moffatt & Associate Vaughan Jones with the Ekklesia Banner Ekklesia Associate Symon Hill, author of The Upside Down Bible speaks at Greenbelt


Sep 24 2017

The Church of Scotland's annual CrossReach week programme begins on Sunday 24 September 2017 –Social Care Sunday—when congregations are encouraged to think about all the social...


Sep 21 2017
The Religious Right is a movement with a mission – to restore Christian supremacy in politics, law and culture. Unless it succeeds, it claims, the liberal, secular state will...