Ekklesia Publishing was established in 2015 and has so far produced ten titles in five years, with another three in process for 2021. Our aim is to bring to market high quality books which help change the way we look at the world based on the values of social justice, peacemaking, sustainability and inclusion. Many of our authors and contributors write from a progressive Christian perspective, but we want to encourage conversation across a spectrum of beliefs and spiritually informed perspectives, religious or otherwise. Ekklesia publishing seeks to build a bridge between disciplined thinking and popular expression and discussion. Ekklesia Publishing has its own website

Siglum is a new imprint supported by us which focuses on the illuminative and transformative possibilities of the arts, music and culture. Its logo is a dove, the universal sign of peace. Launched in 2019 we have two new titles, on poetry/prose and sport, with a third on music due later in the year. Siglum Publishing has it’s own website

Books Recently Published

See full details and purchase options for all our books on the Ekklesia Publishing website here.

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